You may be knowing and practicing LAW OF ATTRACTION techniques for some time but not able to manifest anything. At the same time, you would have seen others converting their dream into reality. So, now I will share with you 4 top reasons why LAW of Attraction may not be working for you:


I have seen many people understands how to practice Law of Attraction but somehow does not take action. It is very important that we say affirmations, do visualization, look at our vision board and practice other methods of Law of Attraction every day. Just using it few days and then stopping it will not help you manifesting your goals. Consistent and repetitive practice leads to powerful manifestation.


Focusing on the process instead of the end result will block us from making our dreams a reality. For example, if your goal is to reduce body weight and you practice law of attraction focusing on the process of joining GYM, when to go to GYM and so on instead of the actual  goal which is the feeling of having a body with ideal body weight, then it doesn’t work.


If you are practicing the law of attraction techniques daily but worrying why it is not working? Why is it working for others?  Am I doing it correctly? and so on then also you will not able to manifest what you want. Why? Because whenever you are worrying, you are vibrating in a negative frequency and your goals are positive ones, so you will not attract them as only Like frequencies attract each other.


Another major reason why Law of Attraction does not work for many is that they stop believing in it and start thinking whether just by practicing such simple methods, they will be able to manifest their dream job, career , partner and so on. Unless you strongly believe that it will work and forget about the how, Law of attraction will not work for you.

So if you have been practicing Law of Attraction for some time and not able to manifest , look at these 4 reasons and check which ones relate to you. Then rectify it and you will see MAGIC happening in your life.