There is a misconception that if you use law of attraction , you can simply sit somewhere and by saying some affirmations and doing certain practices of law of attraction, money will just flow into your life. I used to think the same until I went deep and understood the truth. Well , if you also have this concept, let me tell it is time to change it now. So, let us explore it further.

As per the law of energy which is one of the foundations of Law of Attraction, everything in the universe is ENERGY, similarly MONEY IS ALSO ENERGY. To make it more precise, MONEY IS AN EXCHANGE OF ENERGY IN THE FORM OF VALUE. So, if we provide value in terms of products or services, we get the equivalent value back in terms of money.

So, the next question comes – then how can I earn lots and lots of money. It is simple, add more and more value. For this you need to find out your strength and start focusing in that area. Learn if needed and just keep adding value either in terms of quantity or quality. If you focus in an area which is not your strength there will always be limit on the amount of value you can provide and thus there will be the limit in the amount of money you can make.

So, if you are already working or in business, first find out whether this is your strength. If so , try to focus on adding value , money will automatically flow. If your career is not in a field of your strength, still see how you can add more value , always there will a scope of improvement.

Law of Attraction practices will attract to you opportunities to make money , but if you just focus on making money , then you will not  become rich.