We all love to have positive emotions all the time but we often find ourselves moving towards negativity. From the LAW OF ATTRACTION point of view also, it is important to remain positive so that our frequency matches with that of our goals so that we can manifest them.

In one of the previous posts, I had written about how we can stop any negative emotion which complements the methods Iam going to tell this article. So I  would strongly recommend that you read that as well if you have not done so.

The foundation for generating any positive emotion is taking 100% responsibility for your feelings. This is important because most of the time, we allow external circumstances to play with our emotions, so we need to regain the power back to manage our emotions and the best way to do so is by saying this statement to yourself whenever you are feeling negative – I TAKE 100% RESPONSIBILITY ABOUT THE WAY I FEEL!!

Once this foundation is set, you can start using few methods to generate positive emotions. But before we get into the method, I would like to share with you what is exactly is happening in our body when we feel positive. There are actually 4 chemicals in our body responsible for the following which are popularly know as D.O.S.E and they are :

  1. Dopamine – This is a chemical related to motivation and pushes us to do something. When we are lazy, we can say there is a lack of it.


  1. Oxytocin – This is related to happy and positive feeling.


  1. Serotonin – This is related to bonding, love.


  1. Endorphin – It is released in our body to overcome any stress or pain and to feel good. For example, when you exercise you are actually stressing your body but after that you get a feeling of well – being.


All of these four chemicals can easily be generated in our body naturally. But unfortunately, due to unhealthy lifestyle we depend on the externals triggers for creating them. For example, watching TV can create Oxytocin in you , hearing some motivational talks can generate Dopamine, if you are seeing hearing any love song, your body generates Serotonin. Some other external sources are chocolates, adventure, browsing social media and so on.

But if we depend on external sources, then we cannot create positive emotion anytime anywhere. Instead , we should create D.O.S.E by ourselves. There are many methods to do it. In this post I will share one and in the upcoming posts I will share few more.

So, the 1st method is Positive Body Language. Now, what are some positive body languages – Smiling, Laughing Loudly , Superman Pose,  Saying YES 3 times loudly, saying THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE.

If you have a relationship conflict, just say go to some place where the other person cannot see or hear you and say I LOVE YOU followed by the person’s name 3 times loudly smiling and then come back and talk to the person. You can see your conflict can be resolved easily.

If you start using body language to create positivity in you , you are using LAW OF ATTRACTION to attract your desired goals by matching your frequency with that of your goal.

So what are your waiting, make a DECISION that from now on IAM GOING TO PRACTICE POSITIVE BODY LANGUAGE

Please let me know your thoughts about this post and your experience in the comments section.