You may have seen or heard about this movie or book name SECRET which based on LAW OF ATTRACTION. So, let’s see what exactly this LAW is, and does it really work, and can we attract anything we want in life by using this.

When we hear the words LAW OF ATTRACTION , there is a misconception that it is just about attracting the partner in your life. Well, yes you can do it but you can also attract many other things in our life like sound health, money, job, car , vacation and so on. The irony here is that though it seems LAW OF ATTRACTION is just one method , I would definitely it is only way through which we can manifest anything in our life and we have been knowingly or unknowingly using the same. If you take your life now, whatever you have in your life has been attracted by you. CONFUSED?? Well, let me explain.

LAW OF ATTRACTION is based on 4 scientific laws we have studied in physics. What are they?

  1. Everything in the universe is energy
  2. Energy has frequencies and frequencies creates forms
  3. Energy can neither be created or destroyed , it can only be transformed from one form to another
  4. Energies with same frequencies attract each other.

These laws are scientifically proved and need not be further explained.

Since everything is energy,  having a healthy body is energy with particular  frequency , having money is energy with a frequency, having a job is a energy with a frequency. So if we go back to the 4rth law it states , if we want to attract these things into our life, we need to vibrate with similar frequencies.

If we take a radio, only when we tune the radio to a particular frequency, we are able to hear a channel with the same frequency. We know how to tune a radio to a particular frequency but how can we tune ourselves.

Well, there are 4 things that determines our frequency, they are:

  1. Feelings
  2. Thoughts
  3. Beliefs
  4. Actions

So, how does these 4 factors determine our frequency? It is quite simple.

Positive feelings, positive thoughts, positive beliefs and positive actions attract such people, situations and things into our life that makes us happy and similarly negative things attract negativity.

So, if we change our FTBA (feelings, thoughts, beliefs and action) we can change our life.

To give you an example, let’s say a person hates his present job and moved to another job in a different country not knowing that it is his frequency that has attracted the job. He will find that he will hate his new job as well. The reason – YES, he just tried to change his external situation without changing his frequency.


So, how do we change our FTBA, will share this with you in the next post!!

Till then, Keep Polishing Your Energy!!!