Today as I was on my way to office , I happened to see this trailer, I should admit that I do see lot of trailers almost everyday but this time something struck me and I experienced a SERENDIPITY.

If you really look at this trailer, it’s actually the load that it transports which makes it useful. All of its parts – the engine, the wheels, the steering , the lights and even the driver is there to carry the load between two places. But, aren’t these parts useful individually as well??

OFCOURSE, THEY ARE!!! But when they work together they can move huge loads which is the purpose of the trailer.

So what about u, do you use all your resources for serving the purpose of your life!! If not so , please do and I ensure you that you will experience miracles!!

If you haven’t found your purpose, please keep searching and exploring with all your resources and you will still experience miracles!! 😊

If you need more guidance on this, please DM me and I would be grateful to help you.