As Human beings, we experience both positive and negative emotions. However, if you are experiencing negative emotions frequently due to the same reason, whether it is a situation or person and you feel that you are in a negative loop and no matter what ,  you cannot stop it, then Iam going to share with you a very simple two step method for stopping any negative emotion.

Before, getting into the method, there is one foundation we have to set without which it is not going to work which is taking full responsibility for the way you feel no matter what the situation is. This is very difficult for many people and that is the reason they cannot get out of this negative loop. One simple exercise we can do for this is just saying to yourself that

Iam responsible for the way I feel

By saying so, you are regaining the power you had given to any external situation to make you feel negative and instead this can be used for stopping the negative emotion using the 2-step method. So now since we have set the foundation, let’s get into the method.

  1. The first step is to make the decision that I must stop this negative emotion. If you can say it loudly with feeling it will be more effective, The word must is important and powerful and you should not use want , need or should. Why decision is important? If you take anything you have achieved in your life , it has started with a decision and it gets registered in the subconscious mind.
  2. Second step is pattern interruption. Let me give you an example to explain this. Let us say you have a brand-new cd with some amazing music in it. Now, by mistake it falls from your hand and there happens to be a scratch on it. Next time, when you play the CD, you realize that some portion of the music is missing because the pattern of the music written on the CD has been interrupted. After some months, due to rough usage of the CD, lot of scratches appears in the CD and it becomes unplayable. This is because the pattern has been completed disrupted.

This is exactly what happens when we have negative emotion and whenever it pops up, just interrupting the pattern few times can remove the negative loop completely. Let me give you an example for this:

Let us say you are afraid of darkness,  the moment you are in a similar situation, your mind starts to play the pattern ,you get into the negative loop of thoughts and emotions, and then if suddenly someone switches on the light , the pattern is interrupted. Again if the light goes, the loop gets restarted but this time you cannot start with the same intensity of fear at the time of switching on the lights. So you have to restart but soon you get into the same intensity, this time your mobile rings and you focus on the call, again the intensity goes down and again you restart. If this pattern interruption happens for few times, soon you will not focus on the fear and would have rewired your brain.

Now the question here is how you can do this consciously by yourself , well one of the simple method is to change your body language and shake your head. Next time , any negative emotion comes, do this 10 times and you see that you would have stopped the negative loop. Do something which you do not want to do at that time,  only the first 2 or 3 times it can be difficult but once you start seeing the results, it becomes easier. Another example can be , let us  say you feel lazy , just switch on loud music and starts dancing , repeat this 10 times and you would have destroyed the negative loop

So are you ready, then TRY IT NOW and let me know your experiences on the comments section