As per Law of Attraction , everything in the universe is energy and energies with like frequencies attract each other. Similarly every human being has a frequency and human beings with similar frequencies attract each other. So if you are planning to attract a Life Partner into your life, it is very important that the frequencies matches.

Based on the above mentioned point , we need to understand one very important point. Now let us assume that you are trying to attract a life partner, obviously you should be loving him/her. But the other person also have their own frequency and if they don’t love you that means there is a mismatch in the frequencies. In this case, no matter what or how you try to attract the person using Law of Attraction , it is not going to work.

But do not worry , let me ask you a question if you have someone in your life whom you want to be as your life partner, just be aware why do you want him/her? If you ponder on it for sometime, you will find that actually it is not the person you want but you want the emotions that you believe that person can provide like love, support, romance , guidance and so on. So instead of sticking to a person whose frequency does not match yours and does not love you, start applying Law of Attraction to attract these emotions to your life which will bring the right person to your life. This is similar to situation where let us say there are 10 pipes and water is coming from all the 10 but you are focused just on 1 pipe although there are 9 other free pipes from where you can get the water.

Ok, so now since you have understood that it is on the emotions you need to focus , just feel , think , believe and act as if you are already experiencing your desired feelings.

So, then you may be thinking, then how can I use Law of Attraction to attract a partner if we both love each other. This works if you both love each other but there are obstacles for you to be together or getting married. In this case Law of Attraction work like Magic as it has happened in many people lives. Again, you just have to feel, think, believe and act as if it has already happened. One point we need to keep in mind here is not to focus on the process instead focus on the end result. For example, if your family is not agreeing for the marriage, do not focus on your family agreeing, instead focus on your life after the marriage.

So, next time you feel like attracting a life partner to your life, remember the two scenarios mentioned above and take action accordingly.

All the best!!!