The 3 words most commonly used when setting up the learning and development program for the workforce comes on the table for discussion in any company.

The focus on most of such trainings become so much results oriented that we forget the human touch to it. After all , career is only one of the elements in human life. There is health, relationships outside work, hobbies, interests……and without even we knowing , these elements also influences our career

So there should be a holistic development with focus on all the elements of our life, so that the employees feel that they are living a fulfilled life which is essential.

As Steve Jobs had said ” Your time is limited, do not waste it living someone else’s life ”

Two important reasons why many training programs related to productivity/teamwork/leadership fails are :

1. They do not emphasize on how a human BEING functions instead the focus is on human DOING

2. They just provide a common formula and expect it to work for everyone.After all each individual’s life is different and has to be customized accordingly.

So I believe, THREE important steps that should be part of such programs are :

First Step : Understanding how a human BEING functions.

Second Step : Providing tools for SELF- ANALYSIS so that each individual can understand their present state.

Third Step : Guiding the inviduals to set up their desired state according to their values

Fourth Step : Helping the individual to take necessary steps to shift from the present to the desired state.

Fifth Step : Providing feedback and self monitoring tools

The above 3 steps if incorporated in the training programs related to workforce development can create the desired results.

Each individual has to carve out his/her own path with guidance of such training programs.

“One who looks outside dreams , one who looks inside awakens”
Carl Jung