One of the most powerful techniques to use Law of Attraction  to consciously manifest what you want in life is Visualization. It uses the principle of FTBA ( Feelings, Thoughts, Beliefs & Actions)  as if you already have it. There are 4 steps in this technique:


Most of the time we are pretty clear about what we don’t want and not about what we want. So before starting Visualization, you should be clear on what exactly you want whether in your career, health, money or relationships. More specific, much better. If you can write down the goals, it will bring more clarity.


Before doing Visualization, it is very important to relax your mind and body. Taking few deep breathes, focusing on the natural flow of your breathe spending time in nature can be few simple  techniques that help in relaxing.


Experience the feeling as if you already have achieved your goal. Involve as many senses as possible, what you can see , hear, touch, smell, taste. For example lets say you are giving a party for achieving the goal and you can see and hear others congratulating you , some are hugging you. You can smell the amazing food there and you taste a dish. The idea is to make it as real as possible because our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination.

4.Letting go

This is very important, and many miss this step. Once you are done with imagination, you  need to thank universe and feel grateful for achieving your goal. Once this is done, you need to let go. But what most of us do is , we get attached to our results and over the time  become impatient which generates negative frequency in us and block our manifestation.